Video | Build a five-minute retirement plan with NaviPlan

February 2, 2017 by Rachel Gutbrod

about the author:

Rachel Gutbrod

Solutions consultant

Rachel has a background in Advicent’s Training and Business Analysis teams. She has completed all of the coursework towards her CFP and plans to do the same for the ChFC. She genuinely enjoys planning and solving complex problems with financial technology, especially NaviPlan.

Can your current planning tool generate a plan this easily?

As the industry’s most powerful and flexible financial planning application, the NaviPlan® financial planning software allows you to accommodate all client needs, from simple to sophisticated. NaviPlan is the financial services industry leader for detailed tax planning, advanced solutions, and ultra high-net-worth clients, yet it is flexible enough to produce quick, goal-based assessments on the fly.

In this video, you will learn how to create a NaviPlan retirement report, beginning with Forecaster assessment and promoting it to a level two plan in just a few minutes with Rachel Schlawin, solutions consultant.

To learn more about how NaviPlan can serve all types of firms and their clients, click here.

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