What our quality assurance team means for your financial planning

December 14, 2016 by Martha Collins

about the author:

Martha Collins

Associate quality assurance analyst

Martha works in the development department testing Advicent products to ensure the software is user-friendly and error-free for its partners.

Any professional software development department is accompanied by a quality assurance department. Here at Advicent, each development team has its own quality assurance analyst dedicated to reviewing that team’s projects. These analysts consistently communicate with each other during semi-weekly meetings to stay up-to-date on changes and new development for our products.

What does this mean for your financial planning process?

You can be confident that the Advicent product you use is constantly being checked for improvements and revisions. Quality assurance can be referred to as “the last line of defense” before the product is in our clients’ hands. This means we test and monitor our products as if we were the end user.

If we find something that requires more time and effort to fix, it is to ensure our product’s integrity before it goes live. This does not mean our products are perfect — by nature, software can never be perfect. A quality assurance analyst’s position, however, is dedicated to actively pursuing the highest standard for our company and our products.

Additionally, you can be encouraged that the product you use will continue to improve in usability with our critique and revisions. This will allow you to improve efficiency as we consolidate steps for you regarding data entry or as we update reporting to better engage your clients. This will allow you to spend more time comparing scenarios for your clients’ futures and building high quality relations with your clients.

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