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September 5, 2017 by Dylan Amick

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Dylan Amick

Marketing intern

Dylan is a senior at UW-Milwaukee, double majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain and Operations Management. During his internship, he will be working closely with Salesforce. Dylan is passionate about diversity marketing and customer advocacy.

The business world is vast. Each business operates on its core facets: accounting, finance, human resources, IT, supply chain, and marketing. But very few individuals have the expertise in every corner of business necessary to gain a career after college.

As a marketing student, my primary focus in education has been marketing, and I have learned very little about any other subject outside of my major. My introductory classes have given me a path to understanding other channels of business, but I really have not been able to learn beyond those. Most of my colleagues would agree that most learning that happens in the business realm happens outside of the classroom, and in the workplace.

A collegial relationship

Having an internship program in your financial advisory business will not only help the intern grow, but will prove to be beneficial for your company, as well. As a financial advisor, you understand how easy it is for your work to pile up. Having someone that is currently seeking an education in finance or a related field will help you complete the tasks that you need to accomplish. Similarly, as a financial advisor, you need to focus on the needs of your clients. Interns will be incredibly helpful when they take command of more clerical needs that you might fall behind on.

With the help of an intern, you will have more available time to more effectively communicate with your clients and work to maintain a relationship with them. If your intern supersedes your expectations, there are also benefits to hiring on an intern into your full-time staff. You will understand how your intern operates in your business, and they will already be ahead of the game by working closely with your practice. 

The benefit of an internship

As a company that provides an internship for students, you can rest assured that your program will not be a waste. Having an intern help in your practice will not only help your business. You will be providing your intern the platform to grab a hold of what their career will be like. Interns will get the experience they need to understand the kinds of duties that they will be confronted with after their internship and when their career kick starts.

Networking is another huge component of an internship. Your interns will have the connections necessary to gain more job opportunities – you will not just be boosting their resume. Again, your interns will gain the knowledge and skills that they will need for their post-college careers. There is no better way for a business student to grasp all corners of an industry than through having an internship.

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