Legacy & innovation

A history of innovation

The first traces of what is now Advicent Solutions began in 1969 when Gus Hansch, a CFP® known as “the father of financial planning,” sought a better way to assist his clients than using a yellow notepad. This innovative spirit and desire to improve the financial planning process led to Hansch’s development of the software that would eventually become Financial Profiles. Thirty-seven years later, Emerging Information Systems Inc. (EISI) purchased Financial Profiles to complement NaviPlan®, its pioneering software solution for financial planners, advisors and enterprises. With its purchase of Profiles, EISI created a comprehensive financial planning software offering that included the NaviPlan® financial planning tool, Profiles Professional™ and Profiles Forecaster™.

In 2011, EISI was acquired by Zywave, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance industry. In 2012 Advisor Briefcase® was released to give advisors modern and flexible client communication options, including email newsletters, brochures and more. In 2013, Zywave Financial renamed itself as Advicent Solutions and divested its insurance division – solidifying its exclusive focus on the financial services industry.

In 2014, Advicent acquired leading Dutch financial services provider, Figlo, to expand its interactive, client-facing technology to strengthen the advisor-client relationship. The Figlo acquisition led to the release of new tools in 2015. This included our API application builder for NaviPlan and Figlo, a configurable application that allows firms to tell their story using their specific style and strategy. The Figlo acquisition also expanded the Advicent platform beyond North America and positioned the company to pioneer the future of financial planning.

Continuing the legacy

Advicent is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions. Our product suite includes the powerful NaviPlan, Figlo, and Profiles financial planning software applications; the Advisor Briefcase marketing and communications tool; and the innovative NaviPlan and Figlo APIs, and the NaviPlan client portal. Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. Our mission? To one day enable everyone to achieve this same goal.