4 ways to engage clients with NaviPlan

February 10, 2017 by Alex Peter

A financial advisor using NaviPlan to engage with her client in a meeting

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Alex Peter

Product marketing strategist

Alex began his career at Advicent as a mid-market business development representative. He now divides his time between assisting his team and working with enterprise clients. Alex is passionate about FinTech and creating success for his team.

At Advicent, we are committed to providing tools that help advisors engage their clients and offer an exceptional digital experience. Our NaviPlan® financial planning software has several features today that foster a collaborative, engaging client-advisor relationship. Whether you are a long-time user or you have never used NaviPlan before, you can use these four simple ways to drive client engagement with your clients. 

1. NaviPlan Leads

For prospects, NaviPlan Leads provides a first look at what the planning relationship would look like. NaviPlan Leads enables a prospect to complete a quick, simple exploration of their needs and then entice them to reach out for assistance from an advisor based on their assessment results. This tool makes it simple for advisors to fill their pipeline with high-quality leads using interactive online assessments that do the prospecting for you. It is very simple to set up NaviPlan Leads too; all you need to do is contact the Advicent support team, and they will provide a link to put on your website.

2. NaviPlan Presentation Module

 This tools empowers advisors to turn data-entry into collaboration and drive discussion with clients using a platform that presents the financial analysis in an interactive, client-friendly format. By leveraging Presentation Module, you can deliver a very interactive and engaging experience through plan presentations. The presentations created with Presentation Module enable a client to learn more about your recommendations and their financial plan in an easy-to-understand way. Not only does this present a quick view of the client’s financial future, it also merges that information directly into their current financial plan. This process allows them to quickly understand the long-lasting ramifications of any changes that have been made.

3.The client portal

By delivering an easily-accessible view of the financial plan through the client portal, your client is able to understand their goal progress in relation to their day-to-day spending habits. By facilitating this experience through cash flow monitoring and goal progress, clients are able to see exactly how their habits will affect their future, putting the advisor in the center of their financial world. With Narrator Clients, you will empower your clients with 24/7 access to information while leveraging technology to deepen relationships and promote efficiency.

4. Financial Profile fact finder: a new client engagement feature from Advicent

Typically, one of the most difficult problems an advisor can face is getting their clients to bring all of the correct information to a meeting. This creates a bad experience for both the client and the advisor. Through our new Financial Profile fact finder experience, an advisor is able to send a notification to the client in order to have them log in and add the information on their own time. This process empowers the client to fill out their data at their convenience and allows the advisor to save time and—through our account aggregation system—discover held-away assets, which might have otherwise gone undiscovered.

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