Preparing the advisors of tomorrow through NaviPlan's expanded University Program

August 21, 2019 by Rebecca Reindl

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Rebecca Reindl

Instructional designer

Rebecca Reindl is an instructional designer at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

Introducing the official NaviPlan certification training

While NaviPlan has long provided access to our comprehensive financial planning software for college students seeking financial planning degrees, we have developed a new interactive training program that students can complete to enhance their learning and proficiency in NaviPlan. The NaviPlan University Program will provide students with a powerful, marketable skill as they move into their careers with both NaviPlan expertise and proven ability to utilize financial planning software.

The NaviPlan University Program originated through partnerships with colleges and universities to offer students free NaviPlan software licenses. This invaluable experience with the industry's most precise planning tool gives students the opportunity to learn how to position and effectively leverage financial planning software within their future practice. Students often use financial planning software in these courses to prepare case studies and sample clients. Already, thousands of students have benefitted from this hands-on experience with financial planning technology.

NaviPlan is elevating their experience by offering an interactive training course and accompanying exam to certify them as NaviPlan users. NaviPlan's Learning and Development team has carefully curated this training with input from our financial planning experts to deliver a top-notch learning experience. The training course includes a study guide that walks through the modules and functionality within NaviPlan, frequent knowledge checks, and an interactive, scenario-based case study to grow students' proficiency utilizing NaviPlan. At the end of the training, students will have an opportunity to create and present a financial plan using NaviPlan and be eligible for a scholarship.

NaviPlan is dedicated to educating the advisors of tomorrow with the free NaviPlan University Program and certification training. This exposure and qualification will distinguish upcoming advisors in the job market and propel their careers in financial planning.

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