Product update | NaviPlan 20.3 release

August 31, 2020 by Adam Ballent

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Adam Ballent

Associate business analyst

As an Associate Business Analyst, Adam leverages his customer support experience to ensure that Advicent’s technology truly meets the needs and wants of advisors everywhere. A graduate of Marquette University, he currently resides in Milwaukee.

Our latest update to NaviPlan includes a new account aggregation provider, Morningstar updates, and other enhancements.

New account aggregation provider

NaviPlan now integrates with strategic partner MX for client portal account aggregation. MX provides clients thousands of connections to their financial institutions and refines data security. The integration with MX provides an enhanced financial planning experience for advisors and clients. Instructions for resyncing accounts can be found here.

Morningstar updates

Morningstar has updated the asset classifier database and the asset class values within NaviPlan.

Miscellaneous improvements

Healthcare integration improvements

The healthcare data integration now has improved accuracy in expense representations of the transitional retirement years, as well as a more accurate health score selection

Schwab integration improvements

Enhancements to the Schwab integration improves performance and reliability.

Security upgrades

NaviPlan continuously monitors and delivers improvements and upgrades to security.