[Video] Enterprise software implementation

October 28, 2016 by Pietro La Greca

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Pietro La Greca

Vice president, corporate development

Pietro is responsible for bringing the Advicent brand and strategy to the financial services industry. He is directly responsible for driving the company's growth by working with publications, consultants and analysts.

The value of experience in enterprise software implementation

Advicent has decades of experience with enterprise software implementation and is continuously enhancing our offerings to ensure firms can provide the best possible digital client experience. In this video, Pietro La Greca, vice president of corporate development at Advicent, discusses enterprise software customization and how Advicent supports our enterprise clients through the implemetation process. [Continued below]


Many financial services firms and FinTech consultants agree that personalized technology is now the key to supporting consumers in The Digital Revolution. It is not enough to have a website, and not enough to integrate with a CRM. It is also not enough to do only goal-based planning, nor is it enough to do only cash flow planning. Consumers now want access to information 24/7 on their device of choice to access the information, and at times speak to a human to validate. Enterprise firms must be equipped to handle these client expectations, and Advicent is here to support them in their implementation journey.