[Video] The value of APIs

July 18, 2016 by Andrew King

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Andrew King

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Andrew has extensive experience in agile software development, He works with technical and business stakeholders to develop requirements for improvements to Advicent products and business processes. He also helps match technology solutions with business challenges. His professional interest are in international business development and product positioning strategy.

The value of APIs in financial services

Financial planning software and tools have traditionally been built as closed systems; however, as the need for client interaction with financial plans and advice becomes more critical, financial planning software is adapting by utilizing an open architecture that organizations can use in their digital strategies. In this video, Andrew King, solutions consultant at Advicent, discusses the impacts of financial planning APIs on the financial services industry. [continued below]


In today’s digital world, clients want to be able to interact with their financial plan (or their advisor) when it is convenient for them – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, these communication expectations are always changing. Utilizing this API gives clients constant access to their financial plan and the instant gratification they expect from technology today.

Ultimately, setting yourself apart and establishing your own brand is key to your success. If your clients can come to your website and see their goals and financial plan, they confirm your role in their success. Sticking to a financial plan can be much easier now with FinTech solutions making it simpler for clients to constantly check their progress toward their goals.

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