Advicent makes the comprehensive planning experience more intuitive with release of NaviPlan 19.0

April 15, 2019

New user interface and customized reporting top list of upgrades designed to foster both collaboration and customization

Advicent, an industry-leading provider of financial planning technology, has released NaviPlan 19.0, which contains several upgrades designed to make this highly versatile financial planning software even more intuitive for users. The most significant improvement is a top-to-bottom modernization of the user interface that simplifies usability without sacrificing any of the robust planning functionality on which NaviPlan users rely.

The new user interface features a clean, minimal design that prioritizes data and allows for optimized viewing on modern screens. The updated interface gives greater purpose to typography and color contrast while also simplifying workflow presentation by leveraging color differentiation to clarify progress through the financial plan.

The improved design also supports customizable branding for enterprise clients, which ensures delivery of an all-encompassing user experience for every firm’s advisory staff. And because providing a positive user experience is a core value for Advicent, the improved interface allows advisors to continue using NaviPlan without having to relearn workflows.

“With NaviPlan 19.0, we wanted to go beyond a simple update. Our team re-imagined the advisor interface in a way that better aligns the experience with that of our client interface – an alignment that will simplify these collaborative conversations and provide advisors greater confidence when delivering comprehensive planning strategies,” explained Advicent Chief Technology Officer John Heinen.  “This new interface is not only clean and visually appealing. It will also make working in NaviPlan much more intuitive for our current users and smooth out the learning curve for new adopters.”

More Reporting Options

In addition to revamping the user interface, NaviPlan now also offers a client report editor that allows advisors to edit existing reports and also create their own reports with custom text, graphs, tables and charts. This new functionality accommodates custom branding on each report, allowing advisors to stress the value proposition and specific message they want to deliver to each client. Every single report developed within NaviPlan can now be fully customized using new layouts and a variety of graphical components.

Advicent is committed to making breakthroughs on the NaviPlan platform that will help advisors thrive in the new era of financial planning. That means delivering iterative enhancements to every aspect of the platform—from core planning capabilities to client experience to data insights—throughout 2019 and beyond.

About Advicent

Advicent is the financial planning technology provider of choice for over 140,000 financial professionals across over 3,000 firms worldwide, including four of the top five custodians, 15 of the top 25 broker-dealers, seven of the top 10 North American banks, and seven of the top 10 North American insurance firms. Our decades of experience empower Advicent to create scalable financial planning software; compliance workflow management solutions; fully branded client experiences through industry-leading APIs; and superior cash flow and goal-based calculations. Advicent products are designed to satisfy the needs of every investor and are used in firms of all sizes. Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. To learn more, visit or email