NaviPlan 16.0 is coming with new Client Presentation and Tax Update enhancements

March 21, 2016

Changes to Client Presentation, Tax Updates, Private Corporation, and more are all included in the latest version of NaviPlan®, the industry’s most sophisticated financial planning tool

The latest updates to NaviPlan provides new planning options, functionality improvements, and updated tax information to improve the flexibility and accuracy of your client plans. Below are some of the enhancements you can expect in NaviPlan 16.0. To learn more about the new features and enhancements, feel free to join our What’s New Webinar (details below).

“We are constantly striving to improve our products at Advicent to ensure we are meeting our clients’ needs and expectations,” stated Jennifer Priestley, Product Director of NaviPlan. “The updates in NaviPlan 16.0 ensure the software stays at the forefront of calculation and planning accuracy.”

New Client Presentation – tracking your progress

In an effort to create a complete planning experience within the Progress Planning plan option, NaviPlan 16.0 includes a brand new Client Presentation found exclusively at the Progress Planning level. This new presentation goes through the steps of a Progress Plan in an interactive and engaging way that allows you and your client to work together through the Progress Plan, empowering your client to give immediate feedback to their planning progress and ongoing goals.

Canadian Private Corporation improvements

As part of ongoing improvements to private corporation functionality within NaviPlan, the Private Corporation data entry pages have been enhanced with several new net worth options. These changes allow for greater efficiency when tracking a client's total asset portfolio and supports greater diversity of asset types within a NaviPlan Private Corporation client report.

  • Expanding on share class options within the Private Corporation data entry, it is now possible to enter multiple common share classes which gives expanded flexibility in share class entry, and allows for more accurate reporting for clients who have a diverse range of common shares within their Private Corporation structure.
  • Private Corporations within NaviPlan now supports multiple investment accounts which simplifies the creation of a diverse investment profile within a Private Corporation and can be created all within one location, reducing data entry time and improving overall calculation accuracy.
  • Real estate can now be included within a Private Corporation's portfolio, and has been given its own separate data entry section which offers a more accurate picture of a real estate asset within a Private Corporation and provides expanded data entry possibilities to illustrate passive income.

Upcoming webinar

To learn about more changes coming to NaviPlan in 16.0, we are hosting an upcoming webinar that will showcase the Canadian updates and allow for questions. The updates to the United States product are primarily focused on back-end calculations, and will not affect the typical user experience of the software; therefore, we will only be hosting a webinar focused on the Canadian updates. However, there will be a pre-recorded demo available in the Advicent Learning Center. If you would like to learn more about any of the updates mentioned, the webinar will take place on Monday, March 21st at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time. The Canada webinar will also be available in the Advicent Learning Center here following the demo.

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