New Advicent APIs Enable Enterprises to Build Self-Directed Planning Experiences for Clients & Prospects

October 29, 2019

Most Recent Updates to NaviPlan®, Rolled Out Today at T3 Enterprise Conference, Further Customize Digital Interactions to Deliver Action-Oriented Results for Clients & Advisors Alike

Advicent has rolled out new APIs in NaviPlan® allowing financial services firms to create self-directed planning experiences for existing and prospective clients.

Announced and demonstrated today during the T3 Enterprise Conference at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the innovative APIs are Advicent’s latest updates designed to help financial advisors strengthen digital engagement with clients and prospects. For more information, please visit

Using NaviPlan’s self-directed planning APIs, advisors can build a variety of customized digital experiences for clients and prospects. These experiences, powered by NaviPlan’s industry leading calculation engine, can include:

  • Automated goal-based investment platforms.
  • Lead-generation and client-onboarding applications.
  • Advisor workstations and client collaboration tools.
  • Integrated financial portals giving clients access to financial plans as well as account aggregation, document collaboration, and personal financial management tools. 

Within these guided digital experiences, clients and prospects can utilize planning tools such as:

  • Self-Directed Goal Identification: Investors are guided through intuitive digital planning experiences that begin with identification of goals.
  • Self-Directed Retirement Illustrations: Smart planning assumptions clearly illustrate retirement needs. 
  • Self-Directed Account Aggregation: Data collection is gamified to simplify the process and produce real-time goal results.  
  • Self-Directed Risk Profile: Investors can provide details about risk tolerance, and see how their approach to risk affects projected results.

Every digital experience ends with a call to action encouraging investors to contact their advisor.

“In order to adapt and thrive in today’s evolving marketplace, advisors need technology that changes how they obtain, and interact with, the data required to create comprehensive financial plans,” said John Heinen, Chief Technology Officer of Advicent. “We continue to develop innovative solutions which reimagine the planning process and the client experience—and deliver the comprehensive, actionable advice that drives long-term value for advisors.”

About Advicent

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