NaviPlan client portal

The interactive NaviPlan client portal gives clients unhindered access to their financial plans and expedites the onboarding process through its eFact Finder. Deliver a seamless digital experience while maximizing value in face-to-face meetings.

Through 2021, access the NaviPlan client portal for free to connect with clients remotely.

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NaviPlan client portal

Onboarding with the NaviPlan eFact Finder

The interactive NaviPlan client portal expedites the onboarding process through its eFact Finder and also improves ongoing client engagement through its "explore your options" feature. Advisors can now spend less time on administrative tasks and can focus on tasks that increase revenue for the firm — all while clients access their plan data in a quick, secure, engaging manner.
Account aggregation with MX in NaviPlan

Uncover more assets with account aggregation

The NaviPlan client portal includes account aggregation capabilities through MX, saving you the headache of extensive data input. Account aggregation empowers clients to share more accurate information about their entire financial picture. This allows advisors to track actively managed and held-away assets.

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