Building a unique client experience with APIs

December 20, 2016 by Kevin Bereswill

A developer working with APIs on a new financial planning tool

About the author

Kevin Bereswill

Business analyst

Kevin is part of the business analysis team where his knowledge and enthusiasm for new trends in technology help to create innovative capabilities in our financial advising tools. He works to implement synergistic solutions for cross-functional teams that develop and implement product features, for an easier and more seamless user experience.

Building digital experiences takes a long time, considerable skill, and immeasurable effort. It is difficult to provide the experience that your customers expect in a timely manner by developing the tools that you use in house. That, or the cost of doing so is prohibitively expensive.

Moving toward APIs

To do business with the modern consumer, it is necessary to provide some sort of digital offering. Designing software probably may not fit within your company’s core competencies, but it is possible to develop tools for your clients with much less effort than ever before.

Digital companies have begun offering their expertise to partners in the form of APIs. An API is an application programming interface. APIs allow an application to harness the full power of a desktop application and send it over the internet to provide fully functional capabilities to customers anywhere in the world. Additionally, APIs typically come with associated documentation that helps developers fully leverage the power of the APIs and apply their capabilities to your unique application and user experience.

Narrator® Connect APIs from Advicent

To provide the commitments that our customers expect, Advicent has launched its own set of APIs through our Narrator Connect product. Our APIs harnesses the power of our powerful calculation engines, allowing complete customization of an end-user’s experience while receiving an industry-defining financial simulation. Additionally, Advicent provides a full suite of client management tools through Narrator Connect, allowing you to develop a means to manage your entire book of business.

The utilization of an API goes beyond recreating the experience that is offered by our out-of-the-box Narrator® Clients portal or Narrator® Advisor dashboard and opens an endless amount of value that could be offered to end-users. By combining the data and functionality that is available from different vendors, a unique experience can be created in a fraction of the time that traditional software development processes take. Additionally, the use of APIs from a trusted vendor can add credibility to the service that you are providing to a customer.

In order to differentiate your firm in a very competitive market, it is important to offer the greatest value to your customers the way they expect it. By harnessing the APIs offered by Advicent, you can integrate fully-fledged financial planning into any digital financial planning tool that you can develop.

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