Cash flow planning

No comprehensive financial plan is complete without cash flow analysis. NaviPlan is the industry leader in cash flow planning, lending greater accuracy to plan success and goal recommendations.

Scale advice alongside needs

Client needs vary widely. Though some clients may only need a simple plan, there are few who would not benefit from cash flow analysis. Cash flow analysis enables advisors to deliver quality advice to every demographic, ranging from pre-retirement budgeting and debt paydown strategies all the way up to complex high-net-worth estate and tax analysis.

Expedite data entry

Benefitting from the accuracy of cash flow planning no longer requires long hours of data entry as account aggregation and other digital tools can the expedite the process to a matter of minutes. NaviPlan financial planning software lets you spend more time focusing on delivering quality financial advice and less time on data entry.

Increase client engagements

Whereas a goals-based financial plan can lead to infrequent meetings and potential for inaccuracy as a client’s situation evolves, cash flow planning encourages more regular client engagements. This not only leads to a far more accurate plan in the long-term but opens the door for additional selling opportunities with increased client conversations.

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Latest update | NaviPlan 20.3

Our latest update to NaviPlan includes a new account aggregation provider, Morningstar updates, and other enhancements.

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